Brian Kim

"Kim is passionate in the arts, design, and music, as well as online learning options."

About Me

Brian Kim is a data scientist with a strong interest in marketing. As a data scientist specializing in marketing science, he's used a variety of machine learning and statistical models to extract "signal" from "noise" in various sorts of media data. There were two sorts of data used: programmatic advertising and data from social media.

Kim began his data science career in 2017 with Healthy Bytes, a New York-based healthcare business, where he performed exploratory data analysis on insurance claim data using the Python programming language. He created an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) pipeline to get data from the MongoDB document database. He analyzed data and created visuals for business and management reports using Tableau software and Python. Kim also used machine-learning algorithms to examine health insurance data in order to assure compliance with HIPAA rules. He reported directly to the company's CEO and CTO while performing all of these roles.